Welcome to The Swedish Club in Sydney

The Swedish Club promoting Swedish language and culture, was founded 16 August 1982 by a group of 15 Swedish men and women, to meet the need of a mixed club, welcoming anyone with interest in Swedish events and culture. It arranges a number of annual functions including a yabby party and a Christmas smorgasbord (Christmas Platter).

The Club is open to all Swedes, Swedish-speaking persons and those with an interest in Sweden or Swedish culture.

Membership is a great way to meet and mix with people with a Swedish background. If you are interested to join the club, please enter your contact details here and we will get back to you with further instructions!

Members also receive Kvintessen, a newsletter published by the Swedish Council. It contains news and information about the activities of the four member groups of the Council, the Swedish Club, Swedish Women in Sydney, the Swedish Church in Sydney, the the Swedish School. Kvintessen is issued four times a year, approximately every three months. It is available only through membership of one or more of the four Swedish groups.  You may read the current issue of Kvintessen by clicking on this link to get to the home page of Swedish Council of NSW.

Check out the photos from the Christmas Dinner Buffet  held on 10th of December