Kvintessen is a newsletter published by the Swedish Council. It contains news and information about the activities of the four member groups of the Council, the Swedish Club, Swedish Women in Sydney, the Swedish Church in Sydney, the the Swedish School. It also contains information about matters which affect Swedes and their families living in NSW, for example, changes in the laws relating to citizenship, Swedish language radio programs and times, and advertisements* from businesses with a Swedish connection. It also contains a calendar of coming events.

Kvintessen is issued electronically (as a PDF) four times a year, approximately every three months.

As a member of any of the Swedish clubs, you will receive an email from your club admin with a link to download the next version of Kvintessen as soon as ithas been published! Just make sure you let you club admin know of any email changes keep your email!

Go to Swedish Council's home page and download any previous version of Kvintessen: