Photos from events

        See also a short video of the  Lucia performance

16th April, 2016 Yabby Party

5th December, 2015 Christmas Dinner

                            Lucia performance 

18 April, 2015 Yabby Party

12th December, 2014 Christmas Dinner
                                        Frank's Birgitta & Frank's Photos
                                        Bosse's Photos

10th May, 2014

Yabby Party

7th December, 2013

Christmas Buffet

26th Ocotber, 2013 

Viking Fest:     Photos    Video

7th December 2012

Christmas Party

27th October 2012

Country & Western Night

30th April 2011

Yabby Party

February 2011


June 2009

2009 Swedish National Day


Yabby Party

2nd June 2007

Swedish Club 25 Year Celebration

7th December 2007

Christmas Party

9th December 2006

Christmas Party

2nd December 2005

Christmas Party

3rd December 2003

Christmas Party